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Vid - Last Friday Night *VERSION 2*

Title: Last Friday Night *version 2*
Vidder: [info]estalita_11 
Song: Last Friday Night (TGIF) by Katy Perry
Series: TOS
Summary: TGIF on the Enterprise

This is the version that was used in the Escapade con vidshow! It's been slightly updated from the original.


For those whose country banned the video because of youtube's copyright laws, here's a version that should hopefully work!



Vid - Everything

Title: Everything
Vidder: estalita_11
Song: Everything by Lifehouse
Series: STXI
Summary: Made for ksvalentine

Vid- Fever

Title: Fever
Vidder: estalita_11 
Song: Fever by Adam Lambert
Series: TOS
Summary: Things are heating up on the Enterprise...

Vid - Someday Came Today

Title:    Someday Came Today
Vidder: estalita_11
Universe/Series: STXI

James T. Kirk's journey to become captain of the Enterprise.

Could be Kirk and Spock friendship or slash, depending how you squint.

Song: Someday Came Today by CHRIS PINE!!!


Fic: The 5 and 1 of a Christmas Puppy

Title: The 5 and 1 of a Christmas Puppy
Author: estalita_11 
Beta: notboldly 
Series: STXI
Rating: G
Length: ~5,000
Summary: Spock gets Jim a Chihuahua puppy for Christmas one year and has to live with the consequences.

A/N: Um, this is crack and pure fluff.  Written for  ksadvent 

FicCollapse )


Vid - Christmas Medley

Title: K/S Christmas Medley
Vidder: estalita_11 
Series: TOS and STXI
Rating: G
Summary: Songs include:
Kiss me at Midnight (N'Sync)
My Only Christmas Wish (Britney Spears)
Baby It's Cold Outside (Lady Antebellum)
Winter Wonderland (Selena Gomez)
Blue Christmas (Elvis)
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Andy Williams)
For ksadvent 

My videos always get squished :(

Youtube LINK

The Weary World Rejoices - Part One

Title: The Weary World Rejoices
Author: estalita_11 
Beta: notboldly 
Series:  STXI
Rating: PG
Length: ~11,200
Summary: When the Enterprise saves a group of children from a decimated colony, the crew decides something has to be done to help the children overcome the tragedy of losing their parents.  Spock doesn't understand why a Christmas celebration is the best way to go about it, and Jim tries to change that.

A/N Written for  [info]ksadvent for the prompt: The Enterprise is called to a colony for emergency help. Some virus is killing off the adults. By the time they arrive and McCoy finds a cure, the colony's been devastated and many children are orphans. It's Christmas, so the Enterprise crew do everything they can to be festive to cheer the children up. Spock initially finds it most illogical, but he gets to see a side of Kirk he never has before. Things happen... 

Also features Spock Prime, Sarek, and tribbles :)

A huge thanks to my beta  for all her work.notboldly  You're awesome!!

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